Modern acupuncture uses extremely fine single-use needles, made of sterilized stainless steel. They are literally the width of a human hair, flexible and safe. The needles are inserted comfortably at a depth between 2 millimeters and a few inches, depending on the anatomical location and desired treatment effect.

You may wonder how acupuncture works, and the scientific response has been “the mechanism of action is unknown,” in exactly the same sense that we don’t know the way many pharmaceutical drugs work.

Practitioners use acupuncture to regulate the qi, or energy, of the body. By directing, unblocking, toning, strengthening, or reducing that energy thru physical pathways, acupuncturists can improve the function of the systems in the body. In essence, acupuncture allows the body to function better. When the body functions correctly, symptoms like PMS, insomnia, IBS, headaches, fatigue, depression, stress, anxiety, sports injuries, or chronic pain can resolve without the use of conventional drugs. Acupuncture can also be used to prevent disease, maintain health, relax and rejuvenate.

Acupuncture-treatment-PortlandIf you have a pain condition, you may feel a change immediately (reduced pain or zero pain after treatment). If you have a more complex internal condition, you can track the waning of disruptive symptoms. Overall, acupuncture has the ability to both reduce unwanted symptoms and increase your overall vitality.

The World Health Organization has provided a list of conditions that acupuncture has been proven to treat effectively. I would add many conditions to this list, so please contact me for a free consultation if you would like to know whether I can treat your particular health complaint.

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Microcurrent Acupuncture

Microcurrent acupuncture is a form of acupuncture where a small electric current is passed between pairs of acupuncture needles. This therapy is often employed with athletes and those who perform repetitive motions. Microcurrent acupuncture treats the same conditions as regular acupuncture, but it is especially effective in chronic pain conditions and in wound repair (post-surgically for bones, ligaments and tendons, for example).

Herbal Therapy


Traditional Chinese and Japanese herbal therapy can create incredible change in the body. We utilize a number of ways to administer herbs in order to find the most effective and convenient combination for each client. For example, we may use a combination of a relaxing external “bathing tea” and easy-to-take herbal pills for a pain condition. We also use the services of Green Tea Apothecary to deliver potent herbal teas which are pre-made for your convenience.  Read more…