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Dr. Rose Paisley, ND takes great pride in her profession – one that inspires health through education, positive change, personal growth, and sophisticated medicine rooted in nature cure.  Since graduating from National College of Natural Medicine in 2002, Dr. Rose has worked as a family physician with special interests in pediatric oncology and survivorship, endocrinology, women’s health, gastroenterology, and detoxification.

In addition to primary care, Dr. Rose was a “Naturopathic Oncology Provider” at Eastern Regional Medical Center, in Pennsylvania (an integrated cancer hospital). She collaborated with medical oncologists, surgeons and radiation oncologists to achieve the most positive outcomes for cancer patients. She is an expert in the pharmacology and pharmacognocy of drug-herb, drug-nutrient interactions and will work directly with other providers, ensuring a safe and supportive experience.  Naturopathic medicine has proven to be a wonderful adjunct to conventional cancer therapies for reducing side effects and improving quality of life during and after a cancer diagnosis.

At Bambu, Dr. Rose relies on current research in conventional and functional diagnostics when addressing acute and chronic conditions. Patients can expect an individualized and unique set of gentle and minimally invasive recommendations that incorporate the healing power of food, herbs, movement, water, touch and homeopathy. When appropriate pharmaceuticals are also utilized. Individually and collectively these naturopathic tools enable her to address many conditions holistically. She strongly believes in working closely with her patients to help them help themselves. She encourages collaboration with family, friends and other health care providers to attain the best possible care and health.

Travel and community health have always been a high priority for Dr. Rose. After receiving her bachelors in pre-med from the University of Hawaii at Manoa she entered naturopathic medical school at Bastyr University in Seattle. While there she embarked on a six-week rural medicine internship in Borneo. Accompanied by a medical team, she traveled through villages along the Baram River, attended a rotation at a Hospital in Marudi, and explored traditional rain forest medicine. Her work was accredited and recognized as three courses – Spirituality and Medicine, Traditional Medicine in the Baram, and Primary Care in Rural Environments. 

In practice and life, Rose has a great appreciation of nature and an inspiring social environment. She is thrilled to back in back in Portland among the arts, biking and gardening. Dr. Rose attributes her love of life and infectious laughter to her husband Greg and daughters Lola and Viva.

Professional Associations:

Society of Integrative Oncology

Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians

Board Member of Culture Medicine – nonprofit organization designed to provide naturopathic medical clinics and health education to international and local communities.

You can visit her personal page at www.resetnaturally.com.

Dr. Rose Paisley, ND has been a naturopathic family physician for 13 years and has a passion for primary care focused on pediatric oncology and survivorship. Dr. Paisley practiced here in Portland at Nature Cures Clinic for 10 years, where she “grew up” as a ND, working as a family practice physician. She had a passion for women’s health, pediatrics and her doula work. Over time she encountered a growing number of patients with cancer who were incredibly responsive to naturopathic care. In 2010, Dr. Paisley left her practice and traveled to Philadelphia with her husband and two young daughters.

With a growing curiosity about integrative oncology, she started a small private practice that focused exclusively on caring for and working with patients affected by cancer. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Paisley was brought on as a staff physician at Eastern Regional Medical Center in Philadelphia (CTCA). There she collaborated with medical oncologists, surgeons and radiation oncologists to achieve the most positive outcomes for their patients. These experiences and her love of the PNW has brought her back to Portland where, at Bambu Clinic, she focuses on supporting children and families living with cancer.

Naturopathic medicine has proven to be a wonderful adjunct to conventional cancer therapies: it is effective for reducing side effects and improving quality of life during and after a cancer diagnosis. Dr. Paisley works to hone her expertise in drug-herb and drug-nutrient interactions and is gaining fluency in conventional cancer support for children. Dr. Paisley has a passion for celebrating life, even in the most difficult of times, and aims to bring light and awareness into the hearts and minds of her patients.

Current surveys suggest that up to 84% of patients with childhood cancers seek and utilize CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine) to reduce dose limiting side effects associated with cancer therapy. These therapies are also used as adjuvant to conventional medications, to improve quality of life, and to provide support for coping with the diagnosis of cancer. Studies show that 50%-85% of these patients are under-reporting the use of CAM putting them at risk for misguided and/or misuse of gentle yet powerful therapies.

In the last two years, Dr. Paisley has presented at the Association of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Nurses Annual Conference, at OHSU Pediatric Heme/Onc Grand rounds, to Randal Children’s Hospital Pediatric Heme/Onc Physicians and to Randal Pediatric Heme/Onc Nurse Practitioners on the subject of safe implementation of CAM therapies in the care of pediatric cancer patients both in active treatment and beyond.

Dr. Paisley is excited to discuss the status of the literature, share her experiences and give you a brief landscape on how to approach these complex cases with a compassionate and evidence based approach.

“Rose! I’m so glad I found you, I miss you terribly. I want to thank you for getting me through the worst time of my life, my chemo. I can’t tell you what a gift from God you have been to me! It was the supplements and advice you gave that made a hard time much more bearable. Thank you so much.” – P.W.

“I met Dr. Rose at the community health presentation she has given to neighborhood women. Immediately, I knew I wanted her for a doc! She did a home visit and made me feel totally comfortable, went over my labs with me, helped me to set some goals for my detox plan, which I specifically requested help with. She was available via email and very encouraging throughout the process, she listened!, we made few adjustments along the way. Besides being knowledgeable naturopathic doctor, she is very enthusiastic and a pleasure to interact with! Highly recommend!” – Nataljia

“How Rose Paisley practices medicine changes lives. It’s changed mine.  I had an uneasy relationship with doctors in the past. I never felt like they were hearing what I was saying. They never wanted to find a solution that might not be prescription-based. And they certainly never took my whole person—philosophy, family, lifestyle, beliefs, quirks—into account when getting to the bottom of my health issues.

Rose changed all of that, and has set the bar for the future of my healthcare. She saw me, and was able to find solutions that fit within my life framework. She gave attention to health issues that had been largely ignored by my other providers, and engaged me in a dialog about my care by bringing me into the conversation and the exploration of solutions. The most important thing I got from Rose, is that she taught me to be an advocate for myself when it comes to my healthcare. That it’s right—and necessary—to ask for what you need and to advocate for more from those who take care of us.

Her unique blend of broad medical knowledge, keen observation, willingness to step outside the box, and devotion to her patients has changed me and how I take care of myself.” – K.S.

“Dr. Paisley is amazing! She listens and connects with her patients in such a beautiful way. You truly feel heard! I would recommend her to any and all of my family and friends!” – K.J.

“After seeking out many different doctors for several years, I was amazed to find Dr. Paisley. The way she spent time with me, spoke with me and not at me, and treated me as a person and not another number truly impressed me. She searched for the root cause of my medical issues, instead of treating only the symptom. Instead of prescribing medications and sending me on my way, she sat down and listened to me, holding my hand as I cry – truly caring about me as a person. Dr. Paisley is very personable in her treatments. I can tell that being a naturopath is not just a job, she truly loves what she does and cares. She has inspired me to take charge of my health care. Dr. Paisley is truly a breath of fresh air that I hope will spread within the medical community.” – T.U.

“Before I met Dr. Paisley, my experience with doctors was largely negative. I never felt like they made time for me, listened to me, or trusted my intuition about what was going on with my body. I feel so lucky to be one of Rose Paisley’s patients. She listens and it feels like a real collaborative experience. On top of that, she has a wide variety of skills allowing her to meet you on whatever level you need her: long-term, in-depth treatments or quick, short-term fixes. And she can do all the applicable lady stuff, which means being comfortable in what tends to be a pretty vulnerable visit to the doctor. Let’s just say, she always looks you in the eye when she’s speaking to you – D.

“I went to Dr. Rose Paisley pretty much in despair. I was sick and had lost faith in conventional medicine to heal me. She radiated confidence and assured me she could heal me…and already I felt better! Over the course of several months she did heal my stomach ailment and encouraged me to make life style changes for a healthier life. I am forever grateful to her for helping me through a difficult illness and highly recommend her as a healer.” – A.F.

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