Things to Know

We are partners in your health carehelping patient

From your information, medical exams, and lab work we’ll shed some new light on your condition. We will piece together your health puzzle to make sense out of the signs of your body’s imbalances.

The only way to really sustain improved health is if you can become your own health care activist. We would love for you to achieve a level of wellness where you no longer need regular appointments with your naturopath. In order to help you take proactive health measures, we will:

  • always provide you with copies of your labs on request
  • teach you how to manage acute illness by yourself at home
  • instruct you on the origins of your condition

We work with other healthcare providers

We believe that each health care profession brings something valuable and unique to the experience of the patient and by working together we can all provide the best quality of care possible. Fill out a release of records so that we can interact with the rest of your healthcare team.

We treat a broad range of conditions

Our practitioners are trained to treat the entire spectrum of medical conditions. See our common conditions page for a list of conditions we most frequently see.

We bill insurance

At Bambú Clinic, we strive to make excellent care affordable to our patients.

If you want us to bill your insurance, please ask about the specific policies of your physician when you call to make an appointment. You will find all the paperwork you need to determine your coverage for your scheduled service under the Download Forms section of our website.

We ship supplements

If you run out of supplements between appointments or live outside of the area, we can ship your supplements. Just call and ask us to drop what you need in the mail. While we do add a minimal handling fee to cover our costs, you will get your remedies to you within 2-3 business days.

We are available

If you have follow-up questions regarding your treatment plan or are just confused about what we recommended, you are always welcome to call the clinic or reach your practitioner through the patient portal. Our doctors regularly respond to portal messages within 24 hours.

We are green

We want to promote holistic health in all areas of life, which includes supporting the diverse and vibrant ecology of our planet.  That’s why we work to protect the environment in our everyday business practices.

We are honored that you chose Bambú!

The best compliment you can give us is the referral of your friends and family. We strive to provide excellent health care, and we will do everything in our power to be worthy of that praise.