Hand-Of-Woman-MeditatingBecause naturopathic medicine focuses on restoring balance in the body and allowing it to heal itself, individual
practitioners may use a variety of therapies to achieve this goal.  Many different strategies can be effective in supporting the body’s natural checks and balances.  Therefore, the differences between an appointment with one naturopath and the next can be striking.  Often, besides matching the individual naturopath with the patient for best results, it is also important to match the right therapy with each patient to ensure the optimum physical response.  Here, we list the treatments most commonly applied by the physicians at Bambú Clinic.


Lifestyle counseling: An essential aspect of any health routine, your lifestyle should be customized to your individual needs.  At Bambu Clinic, the physician will take your goals, unique habits, and temperament into consideration in order to craft a specific daily routine that will help your body function optimally.


Hydrotherapy: When applied appropriately, water has several amazing properties to move fluid, reduce inflammation, increase internal body temperatures and promote healing.  Using these special qualities of water topically, hydrotherapy treatments offer a non-invasive approach to improving your health naturally.


Natural MedicineClinical nutrition & botanicals: Sometimes the body needs some direct support.  Nutritional supplements and
botanical medicines allow the Bambu Clinic physician to strategically bolster your body’s path in healing itself.


Biotherapeutic drainage: Part homeopathy, part botanical medicine, part Chinese medical philosophy, biotherapeutic drainage makes the best use of the body’s ability to heal itself.  These remedies, made in Belgium, focus on correcting regulatory imbalances, optimizing elimination of toxins and improving metabolic function of every cell.


Homeopathy: Homeopathy differs from botanical medicine in the method of preparation and the approach of application.  By using a special technique derived in the late 1700s and early 1800s, homeopathic remedies are potentized (strengthened), then physicians prescribe these medicines based on the “Law of Similars”.


Light-therapy2Light therapy: Red and blue LED and infrared lights have been shown to increase cellular metabolism by 150%
and improve circulation, which means faster cellular repair and healthier tissues.  These three wavelengths have proven clinically effective in treating a broad range of health concerns from acne to chemotherapy side effects. Light pads are applied to the skin at therapeutic frequencies to boost your body’s recovery and healing processes, and treatments are often paired with acupuncture to enhance treatment benefits.