Originally founded in Brighton, MA, Bambú Clinic in Portland arose out of a collaboration between Dr. Rebecca (Asmar) Krisko and Drs. Kaufmann, Senders and Thom. After graduating from the National College of Natural Medicine in 2003, Dr. (Asmar) Krisko began practicing in a small naturopathic clinic in Vancouver, WA. Simultaneously, though, she dreamed of opening a clinic of her own where her philosophy of health optimization could come to life with other like-minded physicians. In the spirit of this ideal, she left her infant practice in June 2005 to take a residency position with Dr. Dickson Thom, her mentor and colleague.

Through the years, their working relationship grew into a mutual exchange of ideas and a shared dedication to developing the principles of naturopathic medicine by precept, lecture, and clinical practice. By August 2007, Dr. (Asmar) Krisko had decided to fulfill her dream of ownership and to open the clinic that would embody these life-changing principles and the dynamic collaboration she enjoyed during her residency. Dr. (Asmar) Krisko believes that wellness and prosperity can be simultaneously defined as “a creative approach to life, the sustainable application of resources, a strong connection to community, and a high degree of fulfillment.” These basic principles influenced every aspect of Bambú Clinic including the choice of the name, the associates, the staff, and the basic systems by which the clinic operates.

Bambu-Clinic-SignAs the owner, Dr. (Asmar) Krisko recognizes the importance of gathering a team of doctors, staff, and patients willing to co-create a space in which true healing on all levels can occur within the context of a supportive network. Although Dr. (Asmar) Krisko now owns Bambú Clinic at its Portland location, she recognizes the rich history of this clinic starting with its roots in Boston, MA. She is exceptionally grateful to have benefited from the foundational contributions and creativity of Drs. Senders and Kaufmann in this undertaking. As the clinic has grown throughout the years, she has continued to seek out outstanding physicians who share a common dedication to the operating principles of this health center and who offer the highest level of patient care by promoting sustainable lifestyle choices and a deep understanding of the true causes of illness.