Bright Green Bamboo On Green BackgroundAt Bambú, we often look to nature to understand the patterns that shape the journey to wellness. When it came to naming our clinic, we applied the same guiding principle.  The clinic’s original owner was of Latin heritage, and “Bambú” is Spanish for bamboo. The bamboo plant represents a “perfect model of healthy growth in nature.” It is the fastest-growing plant on Earth – it surges upward as fast as 4-5 feet in a single 24-hour period, and for brief periods of time, can reach a maximal growth rate exceeding 3 feet per hour.  In Chinese philosophy, our life’s purpose, like the rapid directional growth of the bamboo plant, is represented by skyward growth towards the sun ultimately revealing the heart’s true desire.

Strength and flexibility are two crucial characteristics of the bamboo plant and for a patient’s journey to optimal health. The plant’s hollow stem endows bamboo with the qualities of durability and grace—it bends readily in response to external events, but does not break easily.

We have chosen the beautiful imagery of the bamboo plant to inspire our patients’ paths to true health; the body, mind and spirit’s ability to maintain movement, and flexibility in the face of challenges.  As we work together to keep you aligned with your path, we will ultimately move you toward your goal of optimal health.