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Doctor Means Teacher

The importance of teaching in medicine

Many of us have clear and diverse images of the teachers that have crossed our paths. Very few, though, recognize their doctor’s role, first and foremost, is as a teacher. The very word ‘doctor’ derives from the Latin word ‘docere,’ which literally means ‘to teach.’

At Bambú Clinic, our physicians are dedicated to teaching you how to live a healthier, more meaningful, and fulfilling existence. Through education, we empower patients to make the changes necessary to move the body toward optimal health.

The natural state of the body is that of balance, or homeostasis. Provided with the basic necessities, the body will spontaneously achieve health and harmony…it really is that simple! Illness, then, can be understood as the lack of one of these fundamental requirements.

First, patients must learn to listen to and acknowledge the incoming messages from the body. Only then, according to these discoveries, can the proper lifestyle adjustments be made. Do you know the differences in how you feel with 7, 9 or 10 hours of sleep? Do you notice that your mood stabilizes when you eat regularly timed meals and try to provide your body with wholesome sources of nutrition? Does your overall energy improve with frequent rigorous exercise, or does your body prefer more calming activities?

All of us must answer these types of questions based on the specific demands of our lives and our bodies. By taking the answers to heart and considering them every day, we move one step closer to optimal health!

In addition to encouraging you to identify and establish the habits and rhythms that best support your natural disposition, we are also here to provide you with medical insights (both ‘tried and true’ and innovative ‘up to date’) to help you with your specific health challenges.

Did you know, for example, that according the The Lancet over half of all neurological disorders of unknown origin are related to a food sensitivity to gluten? Studies published in the journal of Psychosomatic Medicine demonstrate that a regular meditation practice increases activity in the left pre-frontal lobe of your brain, thereby enhancing your body’s immune function!

Science magazine has written a thought-provoking article on the link between toxic environmental exposure and the obesity epidemic. As physicians, it is our responsibility to be continuously informing ourselves so that we can direct your medical care.

Cultivating a purposeful life is an important aspect of health largely neglected by the current medical model. At Bambú, we believe that our role as teacher expands as our relationship with each patient grows. With many patients, we are given the honor of serving as a guide as they pursue meaning in their life.

We have a keen interest in facilitating the discovery of your life purpose, and will help to identify and remove the obstacles you encounter along the way. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of care, and aspire to facilitate the journey that you choose toward optimal health.

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