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What is it?

Even though all women will eventually experience menopause, this universal transition can be extremely uncomfortable for many patients. Hot sweats, night flashes, loss of memory, mood swings, vaginal dryness, and insomnia are some of the most common symptoms experienced by women when their menstrual periods cease.

Technically, menopause describes the moment your periods stop and cannot be officially diagnosed until one year after your last period has ended. But, women experience “menopausal” symptoms for a decade or more around this time. This peri-menopausal period is also an important time to watch your adrenal and thyroid health and your cardiovascular health more closely.

While menopause is a natural change, not a “condition,” many of the symptoms can be debilitating and interfere with a well-lived life.

At Bambú Clinic, the practitioners all believe that this natural hormonal transition can and should be symptom free. So, when that is not the case, it is important to remember that your symptoms are an expression of hormonal imbalance that may have begun long before your periods stopped and may involve many systems outside your reproductive hormones.

A combination of the following can have a big impact on these symptoms by bringing better hormonal balance to menopause:

  • diet
  • lifestyle changes
  • herbal remedies and supplements
  • acupuncture

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