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Kids of all ages are some of the best naturopathic patients. Not only do their bodies respond vibrantly and heal quickly, but the window of childhood will often determine long term health throughout life. Healthy habits are established during these early years and lifelong health challenges can also be programmed as early as the first few years of life.

Here are a few of the areas that Bambú Clinic physicians can help with:

  • Nutrition advice for kids and parents
  • Introducing healthy movement and exercise early on
  • Infant and child sleep support
  • Sorting out fear from truth in vaccination schedules
  • Optimizing the immune system through the first few years
  • Treating common colds, flus, fevers, ear infections, viral rashes and digestive trouble
  • Dealing with allergies, eczema and asthma
  • Chronic care for ADHD, diabetes, seizures, sleep disorders and weight concerns
  • Handling puberty gracefully and optimally
  • Ideal nervous system development for cognitive and emotional health

The doctors at Bambú also have some specialization in more serious conditions that your child may be confronted with. Dr. Paisley’s practice focuses on pediatric oncology and Dr. (Asmar) Krisko sees many children with complicated neurological and immunological presentations.

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