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Vaccine Consultations

“Vaccine” has almost become a dirty word in our world.  People, experts even, have so many differing opinions about whether or not to vaccinate, the need for mass immunizing, the toxic repercussions of the shots, the efficacy of the vaccine program, and the reasons why vaccines are promoted so heavily during the first years of a baby’s life.

A new parent can feel pressured and confused on both sides of the debate, especially when the physiological issues of immunology, toxicity, neurology and microbiology can take years to master.

Currently, children around the world receive multiple vaccinations at birth, and as many as 48 different immunizations within their first years of life. The toxicity of each shot multiplied by the number given in such a short period of time, can have detrimental long-term health consequences.

While immunizations have historically had a tremendously positive effect on public health worldwide, the current immunization schedule encouraged by the Center for Disease Control and the American Pediatric Association is dated, does not consider all available modern research, and, for certain patients, may be unsafe.

During vaccine consultations, Dr. (Asmar) Krisko assesses your child’s individual health risk factors, your home environment, your family history, and other pertinent concerns regarding your child’s immune development to create a customized plan.  She will address:

  • The optimal times to vaccinate your child, based on his or her immune system and nervous system development
  • How vaccines work and how they can affect your child’s physiology
  • The short- and long-term efficacy of vaccines
  • How you can determine the necessity of certain vaccines for your child
  • The risks of giving a child a particular vaccine relative to the risks of getting the disease
  • Lifestyle decisions that could make a child more or less susceptible to specific infectious diseases
  • Nutritional guidelines to help safe-guard your child from infections
  • Alternative strategies to manage the risks for harmful infectious diseases in the immediate and extended family

Before you choose the correct strategy for your child, it is crucial to have someone you trust to help sort through all of the contradictory and complex information.

In this one-hour consultation, Dr. (Asmar) Krisko addresses your specific vaccine questions.  You will learn about the pros and cons of vaccines and get individualized recommendations for the vaccines that are, and are not, appropriate for your child and for your family.

She will give you the information you need to make these decisions including data on risk factors, disease rates in your area, vaccine efficacy and an understanding of how the immune system responds to the shots.  Take the guess work out of this important choice so your child can enjoy the best health now and in the future.

Dr. (Asmar) Krisko often recommends an alternative Childhood Immunization Schedule designed to minimize the harm and maximize the benefit of each vaccine by properly timing shots to correspond with key immunological developmental milestones.  This schedule is based on five scientific and holistic considerations, including:

  • The timing of vaccinations – Administering vaccines at a point when the immune system can mount the most appropriate response.
  • Individual susceptibility – The individual risk factors for the disease, the infant’s health, and the health habits of the parents.
  • Public Health Data – Real information on the prevalence of each disease, the environmental factors associated with acquiring the illness, and the efficacy of the associated vaccine.
  • Risk of infection – The danger to the child if he or she acquires the infectious disease.
  • Prevention & Treatment – Effective ways to both prevent and treat infections, naturopathically, holistically, and without the dangers of immunization.

Dr. (Asmar) Krisko can also counsel your family about post-vaccination treatment strategies to minimize side effects, and can offer advice on disease prevention and treatment for unvaccinated children.  This consultation will provide you with a gentle and sensible approach to vaccinations.

Already vaccinated your child?  Dr. (Asmar) Krisko regularly sees children as part of her practice, and can help treat imbalances that may have resulted from early childhood vaccinations.

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